AT RoAd Sp. z o.o.

Siedziba i adres

Ul. Strzeszyńska 35/37
60-479 Poznań

KRS: 0000405880

Kapitał Zakładowy:
400.000,00 PLN

NIP: 781-17-44-212





Shipping and logistics

We are honored to offer, not only transport and shipping services, but also introducing and conducting complete logistic service, that include:

  • optimization and coordination of logistic and shipping operations:
    • optimal selection of means of transport dependant on goods
    • preparing a shipping schedule in coordination with requirements and loaders and unloaders possibilities
  • optimization of logistic courses and coordination
  • creating a flexible transportation system using various means of transport (wheeled, maritime and intermodal)
  • preparing optimal deliveries and receipts solutions, also directly to and from production and construction sites
  • keeping full transportation, shipping and warehousing records and documentation
  • creating and introducing warehousing and reloading services (included in the distribution system)
  • executing expert reloading, assembly and disassembly services (based on our steady business partners)
  • full service of moving large quantities of unusual goods along with preparing documentation, reloading, switching means of transport in intermodal chain, insurance and preparing customs correspondence (i.e. moving technological lines, factory elements and construction site equipment)